Salissa Mwana: preventative healthcare to school-age children in Congo

With the project active from 2007 to 2012 in Congo, we created vaccination and preventive medicine programmes for minors.

Our results

We renovated 30 medical centres and equipped them with solar panels for electricity and wells for drinking water. Over the course of the project, we administered around 439,132 vaccines against the most common diseases. We held 870 training sessions and trained 712 persone, including 470 doctors, 57 centre managers, 25 trainers and 160 maternity workers. We also launched an information campaign on preventing communicable diseases in children and the importance of vaccinations, paying visits to the local authorities, doing surveys of people in local areas to find out what they knew and holding monthly classes. In late 2012 we were covering more than 84% of the area, reaching 983 villages out of a total of 1,166. 

We improved medical assistance, made medical centres in suburbs more efficient and strengthened basic medical services. For example, we optimised treatment, immunisation, preventive medicine and pre- and post-natal consultation. We also improved the skills of local medical workers and educated the people at large on preventing communicable diseases. 


Important data at the project's end

With solar panels to generate electricity and wells for drinking water
Medical centres renovated
In support of the Congolese Ministry of Health’s national vaccination programme
Vaccination campaigns
To strengthen basic medical services
Clean birth kits provided
€10 million Overall cost of the project
Also through mobile vaccination clinics
For medical staff
Training/supervision sessions
For healthcare professionals
Training sessions
With the support of the Congo Assistance Foundation
Villages reached by information campaigns

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is an action programme signed in September 2015 by 193 UN member states. It includes 17 goals for socio-economic development of communities and local areas. In line with goal 3, in the Salissa Mwana project we wanted to ensure health and well-being for people (Goal 3).

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In five years, thanks to Eni Foundation, we have ensured that children living in rural areas of the country have access to healthcare and vaccinations and helped to raise awareness on the prevention of disease and infection.

Safety first

Safety in the workplace is an imperative value we want to share with our employees, contractors and local stakeholders. We are committed to eliminate accidents and protect the integrity of our assets. We consolidate a culture of safety through management and organization models, digital tools and communication initiatives. Our goal is strengthening the awareness of our people and their sense of responsibility toward themselves and others, by expanding HSE tools and digitalization to make corporate processes safer, more efficient and faster. 


The Eni Foundation funded and ran the project in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Fondation Congo Assistance, which provided support for operations, and the department of paediatrics at La Sapienza University of Rome, which provided scientific help with staff training, epidemiological monitoring and informing people.