La nostra relazione con gli stakeholder

Our relationship with our stakeholders

A relationship based on honesty, transparency and integrity.

Fairness, upholding the rule of law, traceability, inclusion and respect for human rights, these are just some of the principles that guide us in building productive long-term relationships in the countries where we operate. Continuous dialogue with stakeholders involves all company functions with different roles, levels of involvement and responsibilities. Understanding the expectations of our stakeholders and reaching shared decisions with them are fundamental to Eni in creating value over the long term and forming relationships built on mutual trust in various socioeconomic contexts: the Stakeholder Management System (SMS) has been used as the company application that “maps” stakeholders according to their relevance and approach to the company’s activities, in the countries and regions where it operates. The system is in use at operations and new projects in all of Eni's business lines, monitoring relations with around 5.3000 stakeholder. In addition, SMS tracks stakeholder relations including requests, grievances and response actions taken. 

Our stakeholder engagement activities

Below is a list of our main stakeholders:
  • People and national and international unions
  • Financial community
  • Local communities and community based organizations
  • Contractors, suppliers and commercial partners
  • Custumers and consumers
  • Domestic, european and international institutions
  • Universities, research centre and innovation hubs
  • Voluntary advocacy and category organizations, industry associations and associations
  • Organizations for cooperations and development.

Discover Eni’s answers to the main issues covered.

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