Our work in France

We officially entered the French market in 1968 and currently operate in the Global Gas & LNG Portfolio, Plenitude, Refining & Marketing and Chemical sectors.


A wide-reaching presence in the gas market

We operate across all market segments in France through both direct commercial entities and the Eni Gas & Power France SA subsidiary. In 2022, sales in the Country amounted to 3.62 bcm (including sales to Plenitude’s subsidiaries), a decrease of 2.18 bcm, or 37.6%, from a year ago, mainly due to fewer portfolio optimizations and lower sales to local distribution companies.


Our presence in the renewable sector in France

In October 2021, through Dhamma Energy, we inaugurated the 87.5 MWp Athies-Samoussy solar farm. The five plants composing the Athies-Samoussy complex are now fully operational: this is the largest solar farm in the Hauts-de-France region and one of the ten largest in France. The solar plant will produce 93 GWh per year, which is equivalent to the domestic consumption of 40,000 households. This power plant will help to boost the renewable power generation capacity of Eni in accordance with its growth strategy in the renewables sector and contribute towards its total decarbonisation target of products and processes by 2050. The solar park covers 100 hectares of the former Laon-Athies NATO Air Base, which abandoned and has now been converted into a sustainability-focused site. The project has also promoted direct and indirect job creation locally, with a peak of 250 people working on the construction site this year. This project has a strong focus on local development and participation as Dhamma Energy collaborated closely with several local and regional organizations, including farmers’ organizations, for the project. Moreover, in 2020 the project obtained € 2.6 million through local crowdfunding and public investment.

In July 2021, through Plenitude, we acquired the Dhamma Energy Group (“Dhamma”) from the relevant founding partners. The company holds a platform for the development of solar plants in France and Spain. Dhamma’s asset portfolio comprises a pipeline of projects at various stages of development for almost 3 GW in both countries and includes plants already in operation or in advanced development in France for around 120 MW. In this way we launched our presence in the renewables sector in the country, where Plenitude has a solid presence and a significant customer base.