Our work in the United States

We have been present in the country since 1968, in the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska and Texas. We operate in the E&P, Global Gas & LNG, R&M and Chemicals sectors and in the development, investment and operation of renewable energy plants through Plenitude & Power.


Acquired a photovoltaic plant in Texas

On December 2022, through Plenitude and its US subsidiary Eni New Energy US Inc., we acquired the 81 MW Kellam photovoltaic plant located in North Texas. The plant joins the other assets within Texas and the rest of the United States in Plenitude's portfolio, which reaches, with this transaction, an installed capacity of 878 MW in the U.S. market.

Licences, partnerships and agreements

Exploration and production in the United States are regulated by concession contracts. In the Gulf of Mexico we have shares in 62 exploration and development blocks overall, deep and at normal levels offshore, in 26 of which we are operators. The main fields we operate in are Allegheny, Appaloosa (100%), Pegasus (85%), Longhorn, Devils Tower and Triton (75%). Other shares are in Europa (32%), Medusa (25%), Lucius (8.5%), K2 (13.4%), Frontrunner (37.5%), Heidelberg (12.5%) and St. Malo (1.25%). In Texas onshore production is provided essentially by the Alliance area (27.5%, not as an operator), in the Fort Worth basin, which contains non-conventional or shale gas reserves. In Alaska we have shares in 166 exploration and development blocks. In 2018 we got 124 new exploration licences with a share of 100%. The licences are in the Eastern North Slope of the area, which has high mineral potential and lies near existing production facilities. In early 2019 we made an agreement to acquire the remaining 70% of the production field Oooguruk, giving us complete ownership. The main fields currently are Nikaitchuq and Oooguruk, of which we are the 100% operator.

Plenitude expands its renewable operating capacity and development pipeline

In February 2022, Plenitude, through its US based controlled entity Eni New Energy US Inc, expanded its portfolio of renewable capacity in the United States, through the acquisition of a portfolio of two assets in Texas for additional 466 MW, developed by global renewable energy developer BayWa r.e. Novis Renewables LLC led the two transactions for Eni New Energy US, Inc. Eni New Energy US Inc. acquired around 266 MW Corazon I Solar plant, located in Webb County, Texas (US), which is equipped with bifacial PV modules and one axis tracker, and began operations in August 2021. It will produce more than 500 GWh each year, equivalent to eliminating over 250kt of CO2 emissions annually into the atmosphere. In the same location, Eni New Energy US Inc also acquired around 200 MW/400 MWh Guajillo storage project, which is in its advanced stage of development and is expected to reach an operational stage before the end of 2023. The Guajillo storage project will use the same interconnection facilities as Corazon I and will support the local network by storing energy when renewable generation is high and delivering it during periods of peak consumption. Currently in the Country is under construction the solar plant of Brazoria County in Texas (260 MW), which is reached COD at the end of December 2022.

Agreement with Falck Renewables to set up solar and wind energy plants

In March 2020, the acquisition by Eni of 49% of the Falck Renewables North America (FRNA) portfolio in operation in the USA was finalised (one plant of 92 MW in North Carolina and four plants for a total of 24 MW in Massachusetts). In August 2020 Falck Renewables S.p.A. and Eni New Energy US Inc, through Novis Renewables Holdings, LLC (Novis) signed an agreement to acquire Building Energy Holdings US, LLC (BEHUS). BEHUS business consists of 62 MW of operating wind and solar projects in the US, a development and asset management team and a pipeline of wind projects up to 160 MW. Through Novis will acquire five operating solar projects totaling 31.59 MW, a 30 MW wind project and two late stage up to 80 MW each. The generation for the assets in operations will contribute to offsetting over 93,000 tons of CO₂ per year. In November 2020 Falck Renewables North America, Inc. and Eni New Energy US, Inc. through Novis Renewables Holdings, LLC (Novis) signed an agreement with Savion, LLC (Savion) to acquire the ready to build 30 MW Westmoreland solar project located in Westmoreland County in Virginia by the end of October. Once the project achieves commercial operations, it will provide carbon-free solar energy to a regional utility serving consumers and industries for decades, avoiding over 33,000 tons of CO₂ per year.

In December 2019 we signed a strategic agreement to create a joint platform between Eni New Energy US Inc. (“ENE US”) and Falck Renewables North America Inc. (“FRNA”) for developing renewable energy projects in the country, for example in solar photovoltaicsonshore wind and storage. The new company¹ is based on joint governance and plans to develop projects totalling at least 1 GW by the end of 2023. Under the terms of the agreement, FRNA will hand over to ENE US 49% of its shares in plants currently operating in the United States. This means an overall portfolio of 112.5 MW, made up of five photovoltaic plants in North Carolina and Massachusetts, one of which, Middleton, in the latter state, has storage for 6.6 MWh of energy. All the facilities will continue to be run, controlled and consolidated by FRNA, which will retain 51%. The operation will let us develop projects from renewable sources within the American market, which is advanced and presents big opportunities for growth. We will operate through a new company that will cover phases of growth, construction and funding of new projects, uniting Falck Renewables' expertise in renewables with our technological and financial assets. Finally, this partnership will help us reach our respective goals in terms of installed capacity and generation of green energy.

1) The Parties will be exclusive to each other with respect to projects in the US larger than 5 MWdc.


Lubricants for industry and elastomers

Through Eni USA R&M Co. Inc., also known as Eni USA and set up in 1987 as American Agip, we produce and sell lubricants made in North America, mainly in the Eastern United States and in Texas, but also in the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario. The portfolio of products includes lubricants for both traction and industrial applications. We have a production plant in Cabot, Pennsylvania, for both bulk and packaged products, and a deposit at Jane Lew, West Virginia. Our commercial activity is through both direct sales to final customers and through a network of distributorsIn the chemical sector we are represented in the country through the sales network of Versalis Americas, a subsidiary of our chemical company Versalis. Versalis Americas, set up in August 2015 an operative since January 2016, is based in Houston and has commercial responsibility for markets in North and South America. The company works in the elastomer, styrene and polyethylene sectors, but does not deal in dangerous chemicals. It has a range of storage deposits in Texas, Louisiana and Ohio, and 30 to 40 clients in the United States, Canada and Mexico, mainly in the automotive, tyre, glue and sealing sectors. 

CEO Claudio Descalzi received the Atlantic Council award for entrepreneurial leadership

On 9th May 2022 the international organisation the Atlantic Council announced the names of the individuals that have stood out as leaders who are able to influence the global future and who, as a result, honoured with the Distinguished Leadership Award 2022. Among them is the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Eni’s CEO Claudio Descalzi who received the award on 11th May at The Anthem in Washington, DC.

We create energy

In the Americas we are mainly active in hydrocarbon exploration and production and in the Refining & Marketing and chemicals sector. In 2008 we made an alliance with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, which has more than 100 researchers, professors and postgraduates and done more than 40 projects. Together, and in line with our new mission, we are going down the path to a low-carbon energy model, reliant on cutting-edge skills and technologies that will change our world and way of producing and consuming energy.

Collaboration with MIT and nine other universities

The collaboration will work on a varied portfolio of projects, with a focus on solar energy, capturing and reusing carbon, energy storage, environmental characterisation, exploiting gas, advanced modelling of fields, oil systems and technologies for safety at work. In addition to partnerships with MIT, we have ongoing or activated collaboration with other American universities.

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Eni and Commonwealth Fusion Systems

Commonwealth Fusion Systems is a spin-out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that aims to accelerate the industrial application of magnetic confinement fusion. Founded as a startup by a group of researchers and scientists from MIT, the company has generated great synergy between scientific knowledge and a dynamic business sector by establishing a partnership with MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center and leading global private investment groups.

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Magnetic confinement fusion: the energy of tomorrow imitates stars

Magnetic confinement fusion plays a central role in our technological research aimed at decarbonization.

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