Our work in Mexico

Our relationship with Mexico dates back to 1967. Since 2015, E&P activities have been concentrated in the country's offshore. We also operate in the Refining & Marketing and Chemicals sector with the subsidiary Versalis México, based in Mexico City.

Las coloradas Yucatan

New discovery offshore Mexico

On March 2023, we announced a new finding on the Yatzil exploration prospect in Block 7, located in the mid-deep water, in the Sureste Basin. The discovery, that may contain around 200 million barrels of oil (MBoe) in place, confirms the value of Eni’s Mexican asset portfolio.

The Amoca, Miztón, Tecoalli and Saasken discoveries

Eni’s exploration and development activities are concentrated in the Gulf of Mexico. Eni is operator of the offshore Area 1 production license (Eni’s interest 100%) with the the Amoca, Miztón and Tecoalli discoveries. In the exploration phase, Eni is operator of the Area 10 (Eni’s interest 65%), the Area 14 (Eni’s interest 60%) and the Area 7 (Eni’s interest 45%) located in the Sureste basin; and (i) the Area 24 (Eni’s interest 65%) and Area 28 (Eni’s interest 75%) located in Cuenca Salina basin. In addition, Eni holds interests in the Block OBO AC 12 (Eni’s interest 40%) and the Area 9 (Eni’s interest 15%). Exploration and production activities in Mexico are regulated by PSA and concession contract for the Area 24 license. In 2022 production comes from the operated Area 1 license and amounted to 17 kboe/d. Development The development activities in the year mainly concerned the full field development program of the operated license Area 1. In particular, the conversion and upgrading of an FPSO unit was completed including all linking facilities, the first production platform was installed in the Amoca field and the development drilling activities progressed at the Miztón production field while the drilling activities started up in the Amoca field. The FPSO Miamte started operations at the Miztón field on February 23, 2022 allowing the production ramp-up. Other development phase includes the construction and installation of two additional production platform at the Amoca and Teocalli field. In March 2023 exploration activities yielded positive results with the Yatzil discovery in the Area 7 operated license.

We create energy

In the Americas we are mainly active in hydrocarbon exploration and production and in the Refining & Marketing and chemicals sector. We have put in place the Upstream Area 1 project in Mexico: we have developed several community support initiatives in the nearby area. In addition, the new oil discovery on the Saasken Exploration Prospect in Block 10 is opening a potential commercial outcome of Block 10 since several other prospects located nearby may be clustered in a synergic development.

Area 1 in Campeche Bay

We acquired Area 1 in 2015 and completed the appraisal campaign in 2018. Development activities covered the full field program of the Area 1 operated license and the completion of the first phase with: the start-up in February 2022 of the Miamte FPSO in the Miztón field, with ramp-up of the area. Drilling activities of the producing and water injection wells were completed in 2022; start-up of the Amoca WHP-1 platform in March. Drilling activities of producing wells are ongoing.

Area 1
Area 1

Our approach to local development in Mexico

We have launched several projects to support the coastal communities of the municipality of Cardenas in the state of Tabasco, near the Upstream Area 1 project zone. We work in five priority areas of intervention: education. socio-economic development and employment, health, environmental sustainability and safety.


End poverty in all its forms everywhere


Zero Hunger


Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages


Quality Education


 Ensure access to water and sanitation for all


Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy


Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all


Mexico on the road

It is the third largest country in Latin America after Brazil and Argentina. An overview of Mexico, now with full macroeconomic stability, moving towards the energy transition and eradicating poverty.


Respect for human rights in Mexico

Our commitment to respect human rights is part of our path to a fair energy transition.

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