Eni supports health services in the State of Tabasco to cope with Covid-19

Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico), 14 February 2022 – Eni Foundation – the corporate foundation that promotes social and humanitarian initiatives worldwide - through Eni Mexico, has launched two projects to strengthen health services in the state of Tabasco. Activities include the supply of medical and computer equipment, the installation of photovoltaic refrigerators to cope with Covid-19, the improvement of health data management and the restoration of vaccination services for mothers and children.

"In line with Eni Foundation’s mission, our projects in Tabasco aim at supporting the work of both national and local health authorities against Covid-19, especially towards fragile communities. In particular, we aim at serving the needs of around 180.000 mother and children as direct beneficiaries, indirectly strengthening the whole community", said Domenico Giani, chairman of Eni Foundation.

“With these initiatives, the company joins the efforts of health professionals and communities to prevent and combat the spread of Covid-19, thus reaffirming its commitment and support to the communities where it operates, particularly the most vulnerable, in the coastal area of the Municipality of Cárdenas, Tabasco”, said Giorgio Guidi, Managing Director of Eni Mexico.  

The initiatives build on the MoU signed on November 5, 2021 with the State of Tabasco and the Jurisdiction of Cárdenas.

In particular, the first project focuses on providing essential medical supplies to the Cárdenas General Hospital, computer equipment at the Jurisdiction’s Epidemiological Surveillance Unit; the supply of solar-powered refrigerators to centres selected by the municipality to allow for the correct storage of a greater quantity of vaccines, supporting the cold chain. Part of these activities will continue in the medium term, to the benefit of the patients of the Covid-19 emergency service, and in particular mothers and children, categories to which Eni is particularly sensitive in all the countries where it operates. This project is valued in MXN $12,000 million (€500,000),

The second project aims to improve the access to Primary Healthcare (PHC) services in the Municipality of Cárdenas in the medium and long-term, through activities at Jurisdiction, Referral Hospital, Priority Healthcare Centre and Community levels. The main activities include the improvement of the diagnostic capacities of the Cárdenas Hospital (Diabetology, Cardiovascular Diseases, Obstetric/Neonatal Medicine); information and awareness-raising campaigns in the beneficiary communities (e.g. on Sexual and Reproductive Health, Nutrition, Dysmetabolic Diseases, Chronic and Degenerative Diseases) in line with the national prevention programme. The project will also ensure that Healthcare Centres are selected, renovated/rebuilt, furnished and equipped (safe water, energy, air conditioning and environmental sanitation)

Mexico is a key country in Eni’s future organic growth strategy. The company has been present in the country since 2006 and has established in 2015 its subsidiary Eni Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. Eni currently holds interests in eight exploration and production blocks (six as an Operator), all located in the Sureste Basin in the Gulf of Mexico.

Eni Foundation was formed in 2006 with the aim of offering a coherent and effective response to the needs of civil society in Eni’s countries of operations. It currently operates in Mexico, Algeria, Egypt, Myanmar, Mozambique, Ghana, Angola, Republic of the Congo, Indonesia.


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