We are supporting the Mexican Ministry of Health to strengthen maternal and child healthcare services in the Cárdenas area in the state of Tabasco.

Our projects for the community of Cárdenas

In Cárdenas, in the state of Tabasco, Eni Foundation intends to strengthen maternal and childcare services by supporting the ambitious Healthcare Programme launched by the Ministry of Health (Programa Sectorial de Salud 2019-2024),which aims to improve basic healthcare services at municipal level, giving priority to those without access to medical services. With this work, the Foundation is supporting vulnerable people and communities without access to healthcare services at a particularly critical time due to both the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and the floods that hit the country in 2020. 

We have two projects in Cárdenas:

  • the first, a short-term project, was launched after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Eni Foundation, the State of Tabasco and the Jurisdiction of Cárdenas on 5 November, and involves a series of activities to procure and provide healthcare supplies to a value of €500,000.
  • the second, of a medium to long-term nature, aims to increase access to Primary Healthcare (PHC) services in the Municipality of Cárdenas, with activities at Jurisdiction, Referral Hospital, Priority Healthcare Centre and Community levels.

The results achieved by the project in the short term

We have provided essential medical supplies to the Cárdenas General Hospital to combat the spread of Covid-19, such as antigen tests, gloves, protective visors, antibacterial gel, personal protective equipment (PPE), etc., reinforcing the specialist Covid referral services. In addition, we have provided and installed computer equipment at the Jurisdiction’s  Epidemiological Surveillance Unit. Thanks to this, it is now possible to better manage data and patient notifications (the activity will continue in the medium term). Finally, we have provided photovoltaic refrigerators to centres selected by the municipality to allow for the correct storage of a greater quantity of vaccines, supporting the cold chain (an urgent activity that will continue in the medium term). 

Project objectives

With the following activities, we are responding to the most urgent needs to achieve our short-term goal of improving access to urgent Covid and Maternal and Child Healthcare Services, through:

  • the strengthening of specialist Covid referral services (Cardenas General Hospital)
  • the strengthening of the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit of the Jurisdiction of Cárdenas
  • urgent cold chain support in selected healthcare centres in the municipality. 


The beneficiaries of these initial activities are the patients of the Covid-19 emergency service and in particular the mothers and children who now benefit from adequate vaccination services.

Medium to long-term project

Overall, the project aims to support the Jurisdiction of Cárdenas in coordinating public services, so as to constantly guarantee adequate healthcare for all citizens, in line with the Healthcare Programme of the Mexican Ministry of Health and the national prevention programme. 


In the medium to long term, the project aims to increase access to Primary Healthcare (PHC) services in the Municipality of Cárdenas, through activities at Jurisdiction, Referral Hospital, Priority Healthcare Centre and Community levels.

Expected results

The Eni Foundation's medium/long-term initiative aims to:

  • improve the Jurisdiction's ability to coordinate and manage public services, by:
     - strengthening the Healthcare Information System and expanding it to all Healthcare Units
     - strengthening the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit in synergy with the Information System§
     - strengthening mobile clinic activities for communities without access to services
  • improve the diagnostic capacities of the Cárdenas Hospital (Diabetology, Cardiovascular Diseases, Obstetric/Neonatal Medicine)
  • ensure that Healthcare Centres are selected, renovated/rebuilt, furnished and equipped (safe water, energy, air conditioning and environmental sanitation)
  • carry out information and awareness-raising campaigns in the beneficiary communities (in particular on: Sexual and Reproductive Health, Nutrition, Dysmetabolic Diseases, Chronic and Degenerative Diseases) in line with the national prevention programme.