Lavorare in Eni

Roles and careers

No matter their academic background, everyone at Eni has opportunities for professional growth.

The nature of our business allows us to offer career paths in a broad range of sectors. Opportunities are classified within three main categories: professional areas, professional families and professional roles.

The three categories explained:

  • Professional areas: groups of professional families with similar expertise and professional backgrounds. There are currently 33 professional areas, such as the Well Area, Sustainability, HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment & Quality) and Human Resources.
  • Professional families: groups of roles that share similar processes. For example, the Well Area includes the following families: Well Area Coordination, Well Area Engineering, Well Area Operations and Well Area Staff. Similarly, the HSEQ Area includes the following families: Integrated HSE Processes, Safety, Environment, Quality, Health and Product Stewardship and Industrial Hygiene.
  • Professional roles: jobs that share similar technical and professional skills.

We currently have more than 2,100 technical and professional skill classifications and these are constantly reviewed and updated. The academic qualifications most in demand are degrees in Engineering, Geology and Economics, along with technical diplomas.

Professional Area model

This model is the tool we use to officially and accurately portray a professional area’s specialised knowledge.


The development system

Each model has its own career development paths, all characterised by the progressive development of increasingly complex skills. This enables all our employees to build on their expertise over time, increasing both technical knowledge and soft skills. Training, job rotation and development tools support our employees’ development into technical-professional and/or managerial roles.

Eni internal mobility

We place a great deal of importance on the growth and development of our people, because we believe it is the right way to innovate and enhance skills.

Jobs4You, the platform dedicated to internal mobility, was created with this objective in mind, allowing Eni people to actively contribute to changes in their career path within the company.

Besides the traditional tools used by Eni, such as internal Job Postings, where our people can apply for open positions, we now have Open Application, the new tool where you can express an interest in mobility, putting forward your experience, skills, ambitions and professional aspirations.