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We take care of individual wellbeing

The energy transition with people and for people 

We care about the well-being of the people who work with us and we take care of it to create a shared value chain. We involve our people in organisational strategies with listening and communication initiatives: together we establish and develop technical skills, mindsets and soft skills necessary for present and future activities. In this shared path, we adopt innovative tools for assessing employee participation and professional growth.


Our entire history is based on outstanding skills as the engine of our growth and as a transformational factor. This is why we develop training and career advancement paths dedicated to our people. At the same time, we guarantee access to a top-class welfare and benefits system.

Equal opportunities and decent conditions for all workers

In all areas involved in the energy transition process, we are committed to providing access to decent jobs and we are working to attract the best talent, ensuring equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender, age or any kind of diversity. At the same time, we promote programmes to upgrade and expand our employees' skills to support their redeployment in new or transformed activities, thereby protecting their social rights. 

On the path to transition and beyond, we are committed to providing decent working conditions and a working environment where diversity, personal and cultural opinions are considered as sources of mutual enrichment as well as key factors for business sustainability. Plurality is an asset that makes us stronger in global challenges and an opportunity for growth.

Compensation & Welfare: we take care of our people

Eni employees globally

People working all over the world form the basis of our global presence. Source Annual Report 2023.


total Eni employees*


employees in Italy


employees abroad


where Eni is present

  • (1) *The data relating to people differ from those published in the Financial Report because they include only fully consolidated companies.
Eni is committed to creating a working environment in which different personal and cultural characteristics or orientations are considered as a resource, a source of mutual enrichment and an essential element in business sustainability.

Work with us

Discover professional opportunities across the Eni corporate world to embark on your career path in a global energy tech company.

Human Focus puts people at the centre of our strategy as the engine of change

Human Focus is the tool we use in all our people management, feedback, training and development processes to assess skills, capabilities and relationships. It is divided into 4 areas of behaviour. It enables us to consolidate our strengths and work

Diversity & Inclusion: here’s why plurality is an opportunity

Plurality is a resource to be safeguarded and promoted. Our commitment is based on the inclusion of all forms of diversity both within our company and in our relations with the outside world.

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