Multi-dimensional corporate welfare

Our people are our most important asset. We take care of their well-being by listening to their needs throughout their careers.

Four generations of continued support

Eni follows the principles of a “caring company”, i.e. a company that is close to its people. We create welfare initiatives in several areas, from health and social security to income support and providing family and leisure activities.

Today, four generations live together in Eni, with different goals and lifestyles, each with its own background and needs. The offer of services and opportunities involves new hires and then develops throughout their careers.


Eni’s welfare enhancement and the importance of listening

Services and benefits have been extended with the aim of improving the quality of work and life throughout the entire work cycle. The main areas of Eni’s corporate welfare programme are the psychological and physical well-being of individuals, aspects relating to finance and social security, changes brought about by the energy transition, and the needs of family care.

In this context, ten listening workshops were organised involving a sample of people, half under 35 and half over 35, from all over the country. Thus, it was possible to understand the needs expressed by different groups of employees, such as new parents, workers close to retirement and young new recruits.

Luca De Santis, Head of Human Resources and Organisation at Eni says that “the success of a welfare programme is directly proportional to the company's ability to listen to colleagues and to do so in a structured way” with the understanding that the diversity of everyone who works at Eni is the most important asset. 

Eni is on a path of profound transformation towards energy decarbonization: it is a strategic journey in which the role of our people is substantial and fundamental.

Luca De Santis, Head of Human Resources and Organisation at Eni.

Compensation, Benefits and Welfare

Here you can learn about Eni’s benefits and welfare initiatives programme in detail.

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