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Code of Ethics

The Code defines the values and principles that guide Eni’s work and people, and helps the Company achieve its goals.

Principles and content of the Code

Integrity and transparency are the principles that guide us in establishing administrative and control arrangements that are appropriate to the size, complexity and operational structure of our Company, in adopting an effective internal control and risk management system, and in communicating with shareholders and other stakeholders, including through the preparation and updating of information on our website. Along with the general principles, the Code of Ethics contains specific rules of conduct, providing a practical guide for company operations.

A Code for all

Eni Directors, Statutory Auditors, management, employees and, more generally, anyone including also third parties, working in Italy or abroad to achieve Eni’s goals are all expected to follow the principles of the Code of Ethics.

In order to ensure it is disseminated and understood as widely as possible, the Code has been translated into 21 languages and is presented to users through multiple initiatives, including specific company training.

Codice Etico Eni 2017

PDF 113.22 KB 15 December 2017 CET 00:00
PDF 113.22 KB

Eni Codice Etico 2017 (English)

PDF 109.34 KB 12 December 2017 CET 00:00
PDF 109.34 KB

Code of Ethics in other languages

ZIP 5.18 MB 23 November 2017 CET 00:00
ZIP 5.18 MB

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