In detail:

  • information on 2014 share buyback programme;
  • a schedule with the details of share repurchase for year 2014.  

On 6 January 2014, Eni launched a share buyback programme in line with a shareholders’ resolution of 10 May 2013. To further the programme, the Shareholders’ Meeting of 8 May 2014 approved the purchase of the Company’s own shares for a period of 18 months from the date of the resolution. From the introduction of the programme until 31 December 2014, Eni had purchased 21,656,910 shares, equal to 0.60 per cent of the share capital. At 31 December 2014, treasury shares totalled 33,045,197 – equivalent to 0.91 per cent of the share capital. As of 13 March 2015, during the presentation of the Strategic Plan 2015-2018, Eni announced the suspension of the buyback programme.

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