The international award at its 5th edition, lead by Lundquist consulting agency in Turin has analyzed the Italian and European companies that have best communicated their sustainability issues online and used the web to activate dialogue with their stakeholders.

CSR Online Awards are divided into five studies: the flagship ranking of the top 100 listed companies in Europe plus country and regional lists for Germany, Italy, Nordic Regions and Switzerland.

The fifth edition of the CSR Online Awards assessed the online sustainability communication of 252 companies in Europe. Eni, with a score of 71.50 out of a possible 100, is in fourth place in the ranking lead by Centrica, Telecom Italia and Unilever.

The assessment criteria introduced this year were particularly challenging for all companies and brought the European average score to fall from 50 to 44.2.

In the detail of the Italian Award, which this year extended to the top 100 listed and unlisted companies, Eni was ranked in third place behind Telecom and Gruppo Hera.

The Italian Edition of the CSR Online Awards 2012 research, reveals that companies lack of openness in the use of digital channels for stakeholder engagement on social and environmental issues.

The analysis on the companies reveals that, on the one hand, most of the major Italian companies don’t publish a CSR report and, on the other hand, they don’t keep up with the evolution of the web.

Weaker aspects of CSR communication in Italy include interactivity (use of social media, blogs, RSS, podcasts, etc.) and visual communication, which includes the use of video, images and interactive charts.

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