On December 10th Eni participated at an event, held in New York, marking the 10th anniversary of the UN Global Compact 10th Principle against corruption – business should work against corruption in all forms, including extortion and bribery. The 10th Principle Anniversary Event looked back on 10 years of achievement – highlighting successes, discussing emerging anti-corruption measures, reinforcing the business case against corruption, and integrating good governance into the global development agenda.

Eni has been active at the heart of the Global Compact, both at national level (within the Italian GC network) and international level through the participation in the GC Anti-Corruption Working Group on 10th Principle. In October 2014, Eni has also adhered to the UN Global Compact Call to Action: Anti-corruption and the Global Development Agenda; a petition aimed at urging Governments to strengthen anti-corruption measures and to implement strong governance policies.

At the 10th Anniversary event break-out sessions have been held to spark, among the various stakeholder groups, discussions about current trends and future opportunities; highlighting resources to help companies implement anti-corruption policies, catalyze collaboration and partnering; and provide opportunities to discuss emerging anti-corruption policies and programs through roundtable discussions. Eni has participated, through a representative of the Eni Anti-Corruption Legal Support Unit, in a panel discussion which has considered the different approaches (e.g. public/private dialogue with investors, dialogue with individual investors versus a collaborative engagement) that companies may adopt when engaging with investors on issues relating to anti-corruption matters.

Further details on the UN Global Compact 10th Principle against corruption can be found here.

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