The 26 May 2015 sees the national inauguration, in Livorno, of the HSE Van Show project, Eni’s new public awareness initiative of HSE issues with, as its main focus, a culture of safety and the environment.

Over a period of about three months, two Vans will travel over 4,000 km along Italian roads in 24 stages and reaching the Eni’s main industrial sites with intermediate stops at service stations along the way. As well as conveying the message on the livery, the vans will also carry posters and materials for staging an exhibition.

The 22 subjects of the posters are dedicated to safety and the environment with a focus on the people of Eni at the different production contexts, geographical locations and various professional activities through photographic testimony.

Finally, at the main sites, through an exhibition of major projects, an account will be given of the evolution of safety through key messages and the company’s commitment to reducing particular kinds of injuries, the prevention of road accidents and building awareness among both contractors and employees.


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