Eni is a partner of the Africa Big Change Big Chance exhibition, curated by Benno Albrecht, that will run from  15 October until 28 December 2014 at the Triennale in Milan.

The exhibition is an overview of the great transformations currently underway across the African continent, with particular focus on architecture and infrastructure, while not forgetting the issues related to the big social, demographic and climatic changes  that are also taking place.

A panorama in different media, including photography and video, of a continent that will see its population grow to up to 740 million by 2030, overtaking that of Europe (685 million).

Visitors will be invited to reflect on urban development in Africa, also through a presentation of research into the most significant examples of the phenomenon in cities such as Lagos, Maputo, Nairobi and Cairo.

Eni has contributed a selection of photographs to the exhibition, mostly by well-known photographers, and drawn from the company’s extensive historical archive.

Eni has renewed its support for the Triennale, with the aim of facilitating awareness of the arts and culture through active private and public cooperation.

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