4 July 2011 – Eni has for many years been committed to the valuation and enhancement of its staff, their skills and professional development and considers diversity a point of strength.
Indeed the basic principle of diversity is written into the Eni’s Code of Ethics which the company promotes across all its activities, including institutional and commercial communications.

This is also why Eni supports the “Manifesto for the responsible use of images of women‘ promoted by the association Pari o Dispare.

The companies that are signatories of the Manifesto have declared that they do not wish their brands to be associated with messages that discriminate against women, either directly or indirectly, on the basis of gender stereotypes or, seen in their context, to condone or encourage any form of violence against women.
Companies are committed to make choices consistent with these aims in their advertising campaigns and initiatives. 

Eni was present at the meeting "Women not stereotypes" held in Milan on 4 July 2011 and presented a video showing how the company represents people  and their diverse identities through communication that aims always to make a cultural statement, also by highlighting the skills and capabilities of women.

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