On May 20th for the first time in Brazzaville was held a workshop on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) organized by country government authorities in cooperation with eni congo and the competent HSE unit (Environment) in e&p division, who provided specific support.

The workshop allows raising awareness of CDM issue.

The central discussion during the workshop was the possibilities of implementing the projects developed in Congo. The workshop was also an opportunity to define the rules and policies necessary for the establishment of the Designated National Authority (DNA).

Eni congo has committed to support and assist local authorities in order to make CDM a reality in the Republic of Congo.

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), a flexible mechanism introduced by the Kyoto protocol (article 12), allows industrialized countries to implement projects that reduce emissions in developing countries resulting in exchange of carbon credits to be used for achieving their reduction targets.
The CDM also allows developing countries to have cleaner technology, and navigate towards sustainable development.
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