Rome, 31 July 2013 – Summertime at Eni stations is dedicated to road safety. From 3 August to 30 September 2013, thanks to the "take a break to quench your thirst and get back on the road safely" initiative, disposable breathalyzers will be available in Eni Shop 24's vending machines for 2 euros to check alcohol content in the blood. The pack will also contain a rechargeable Eni Shop 24 card with 1 euro’s worth of credit, which can be spent on a drink to quench one’s thirst and get back on the road safely.  

Consumers may spend their 1 euro of credit on any product sold in Eni Shop 24's vending machines, either immediately or during their next stop. Four soft drinks have been selected for the initiative, which includes some of the top selling drinks amongst young people (Coca Cola, Estathè, etc.) These will be available at  the promotional price of 1 euro for holders of the rechargeable Eni Shop 24 card.

In line with sustainability policies promoted by Eni, the "take a break to quench your thirst and get back on the road safely" initiative is primarily aimed at younger consumers between the ages of 18 and 35 years. The initiative is launched at a time of year when the consumption of alcoholic beverages is generally high. This makes the purchase of a disposable breathalyzer (available 24 hours a day) conducive to the promotion of safe driving whilst also helping to raise awareness of the importance of checking your blood alcohol content.

Eni Shop 24 is the first chain to have "outdoor" and "24/7" vending machines at its service stations. They are designed to meet the needs of people on the move 24 hours a day, thanks to an offer that is fast, convenient and practical.  The project, developed with Eni’s partners Argenta and Liomatic, which are two of  the leading companies in the vending machine market, already includes more than 500 Eni service stations that do not have an Eni Cafe.

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