San Donato Milanese (Milan), 22 April 2013 – Eni is partner of UnaTalks, the experimental project promoted by Sabina Ciuffini to give women a voice in a new and unusual way.

From today, in the Fabbrica del Vapore Via Procaccini 4 (Milan), starting at 7.30 pm, women from different backgrounds will engage in a live debate, offering points of view and food for thought on the contemporary female universe, but also their emotions and engaging stories.

The energy of the spoken word, the practice of reflection and the discussion of sharing will lead up to the highlight tomorrow night. A stage has been set up for the final evening, which will see the participation of the young singer-songwriter Erica Mou and, via a video link, the performer Ilana Yahav who, in recent years, have both contributed to Eni communications with their art and creativity.

Ilana Yahav, the Israeli sand artist uses elegant hand gestures to bring different scenarios and worlds to life. She will perform an artistic interpretation of the theme song of the event, Una qualunque, on video, realized by Ilaria C. Ilana Yahav, who has participated in two institutional campaigns with Eni, will evoke images and ideas for reflection and sharing.

Erica Mou, one of the most interesting young Italian singer-songwriters, created a version of Don’t stop (Thinking about Tomorrow) for Eni, a cover of the classic Fleetwood Mac song which, has been the soundtrack of all Eni’s commercials since 2010.

Eni’s collaboration in this initiative is an opportunity to support important events that stimulate constructive, public debate in which the female point of view is heard.
Eni's commitment to support culture reflects the company's desire to act as a player capable of identifying the expectations and needs of the community. Culture for Eni also means respect for local identities, valuing diversity and inclusion and, as a consequence, non-discrimination: this is Eni's model of sustainability, which aims to promote and support women and respect and value differences. Support for the project UnaTalks by Sabina Ciuffini is part of this context.

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