San Donato Milanese, March 15 2011 – This year Eni is once again main partner in the Festival of African, Asian and Latin American Cinema (Milan, March 21- 27), a historic event for fans of cinema from the southern half of the world. This will be the twentieth edition of Italy’s only festival dedicated exclusively to discovery of the films, reality and cultures of the three continents.
Eni views participation in the Festival as an important opportunity to confirm its commitment to dialogue between different countries and cultures and reveals the central importance of Africa, a continent where the company has been working for more than fifty years, in its activities.
During the event, which will see more than 50 countries participate in the competitive sections with 80 film screenings, two prizes named after Eni will be presented: the Windows on the World Feature Film Competition for the best fiction from the three continents, promoting diversity in film and culture, and the  African Short Film Competition for short fiction films or documentaries by emerging directors from Africa. The goal of this section is supporting African directors as they take their first steps in the world of film, in line with Eni’s new communications campaign, begun in 2010, focusing on young talents all over the world.
But the Festival is about more than just film. The programming in the cinemas is flanked by exhibitions and multidisciplinary activities including dance and decoration studios inspired by the cultures of the three continents at the Festival Center in the western ramparts of Porta Venezia. Eni will be there with its corporate films and an exhibition on “Young talent for Eni, power for creativity‘, a selection of the work of over 100 young talents who use a great variety of disciplines to provide an original interpretation for every moment in Eni communications. (
The exhibition includes three separate panels illustrating the work of Eduardo Recife, Ilana Yahav, Maya Mihindou, Amal Elgharbi, Nomoco, Ika Putranto and Joey Hi-Fi, artists from the continents showcased at the event whose work ideally represents Eni’s founding values of  internationality, research and respect.
Eduardo Recife (Brazil) is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer and typographer who created the cover of Eni’s England brochure. His techniques include pencil, painting, photography and collage. His illustrations have a vintage flavour in old-era style.

Ilana Yahav (Israel) is a highly versatile performer. She began her artistic career making marionettes before moving on to Sand Art. Her hands bring sand to life to create imaginary scenarios and worlds. She produced the two Eni corporate advertising campaigns which have brought to the world’s attention an innovative technique that was in the past known only on the internet.

Maya Mihindou (Gabon) is a very popular young illustrator. She illustrates poems and poetic universes, likes to have fun with mistakes and notes that one idea may become another. For Eni she produced the illustrations in the booklet for the Global Impact Leaders Summit 2010 (New York), a UN publication promoting sustainable corporate growth. In the same year she designed the poster for the African Day concerts organised by Eni in the Mito SettembreMusica Festival.

Amal Elgharbi (Tunisia) is a young painter who brings the light and colours of her land to the canvas. For Eni she produced the cover of a publication marking the 50th anniversary of Sitep, a company owned half by the Tunisian state and half by Eni.

Nomoco (Japan), the artist who produced the cover of the brochure on her country for Eni, draws her inspiration from nature. She likes to experiment with different materials and play with ink and the graphic effects of its movement.

Ika Putranto designed the cover of Eni’s brochure on Indonesia, her native country. Her work evokes dreams and surreal scenarios based on fairy-tales in a style combining Impressionist painting, contemporary fashion, theatre and music.
The exhibition also includes the work of Joey Hi Fi (South Africa) produced for the brand’s corporate communications in the film events where the company is present. Joey Hi Fi is a highly versatile artist used to working on a variety of projects, from book covers to logos, comic books, packaging and t-shirts.  


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