Rome, 21 January 2013 - Eni has become aware of phishing activities (electronic fraud consisting of sending counterfeit e-mails or text messages aimed at acquiring sensitive personal data and data relating to payment cards for illicit purposes) conducted through the false sale on the internet of fuel vouchers at deceptively competitive prices, to the detriment of consumers and the company itself.

Eni immediately reported the fact to the competent judicial authorities who have already taken the first sequestration measures.

Eni, for this reason, invites consumers to take all necessary precautions aimed at safeguarding their personal data, and to report any such transfer of data to the relevant authorities and banking institutes.

For the purchase of its fuel vouchers, Eni therefore invites consumers to be wary of any channel other than the official ones listed below:
- All of Eni's commercial agencies (list published on , Cards and Coupons sections; Electronic fuel coupons and Paper fuel vouchers);
- The BNL bank branch located in Via Laurentina n. 449, Rome.
In addition, the electronic fuel coupons only (i.e. not the paper vouchers) may also be purchased from:
- A selected network of eni service stations (list published on, Cards and Coupons sections; Electronic fuel coupons);
- Esselunga stores;
- The website, in the "online shopping" section.

Any new sales channels will be announced exclusively on the website

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