* Systems that intervene to guarantee power supply in the case of external line failure

San Donato Milanese, 22 May 2012 – Eni announces today that its Green Data Centre has reached a significant milestone in pursuing increased efficiency levels for its IT operations.
The construction of the Eni Green Data Centre, which started in October 2011, is currently underway. The plant, which will be completed by the end of 2012, is designed to accommodate all of Eni's central computer systems with energy absorption levels of up to 30MW of IT power in six IT rooms, in a space of 5,200 metres squared. The goal of the centre is to reach a mean annual Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) value of less than 1.2. The PUE (according to the standard definition of The GreenGrid international organisation) indicates the ratio between a data centre's total energy consumption (including IT equipment and plant conditioners, fans, UPS, etc.) and the consumption of IT equipment only. A PUE of 1 is the optimum value, where all energy absorbed by the plant is used by IT equipment.

In recent weeks, Eni has reached a significant milestone in setting energy efficiency records.Tests have been completed on the first examples of innovative UPS systems using offline technology, built specifically for the Eni project.The TUV, (the German electrical certification organisation) with methodological support and analysis from the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Bologna, has certified that the project has surpassed its efficiency target of a 99.4% return, reaching record values of 99.46% at 50% load, and 99.43% at 100%.

The efficiency data, a record for UPS, will be compared with standard values in the same category used in the data centre, for the most part working in online (or double conversion) modes, whose best values in optimal operating conditions do not exceed 96-98% or 99% of the only offline product available.

Using this solution in a single data centre with an IT power input of 10MW, replacing traditional UPS (assuming an average efficiency value of 93% of UPS systems) with these innovative systems, would result in a greater than 5,600 MWh/year. This is equivalent to the annual domestic consumption of more than 4,600 people, and represents more than € 600,000 per year in financial savings and an environmental saving of 3,000 tons of CO2 (assuming  production is thermoelectric). If this data were to cover the entire fleet of Italian centres, the value would become significant.

This type of system is highly innovative: Medium-sized UPS (200 kW) normally operate in offline mode, or in ECO-mode, which means that they are always off or on standby, and only intervene when there is a significant discontinuity in power supply.

As the machines are built with simpler systems than traditional UPS, they are more reliable, safer and cheaper.

It is also significant that the first certified UPS are produced in Italy, confirming that, despite the national downturn, Eni is developing innovative skills for its projects, which are in turn helping the economy.

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