Paolo Virzì and Francesco Piccolo, chaired by Neri Marcorè, talk about the Italian art of being able to laugh, especially at ourselves

San Donato Milanese, May 4, 2011 - The second meeting organized by Eni will be held tomorrow, May 5, at 6pm, at the Centro Congressi Torino Incontra. This is part of the four-meeting programme which symbolises the unifying role that the Company has played in Italy since its foundation, not only through its industrial and economic presence but also through events fostering cultural and artistic debates.

Renzo Arbore and Marino Bartoletti, who talked last Thursday about television, and in particular about TV-related costumes and sport, will pass the baton this week to Paolo Virzì and Francesco Piccolo, who will entertain the audience by talking about humour. Virzì, a renowned director, screenwriter and film producer, acclaimed as one of the main new representatives and innovators of Italian-style comedy, and Piccolo, the author of novels and short stories including "Momenti di trascurabile felicità" (anecdotes about the joy of small things), will analyse one of the most important distinguishing features of being Italian: our ability to laugh under any circumstance, especially at ourselves.

The meeting, which will last just over an hour, will be chaired as always by Neri Marcorè with a contribution from Sergio Toffetti, a "La Repubblica" columnist, and will discuss Italian events and history, making reference to films and TV, music and literature.  

The Torino Incontra meetings continue to be made available on the Web, with a report included in Eni's special Website and live webcasts of all the events. In addition, both participants attending the event and those connected online will be able to send their comments via Twitter (#incontraTo). The most commonly tweeted words will make up a tag cloud that will be shown in the meeting room and that will give Neri Marcorè ideas for the discussion.

To be Italian also means to enjoy the pleasure of eating. After each meeting, an excellent catering service will be provided by Eataly that willremind participants of a fifth unifying Italian element: food. Every Thursday the participants in the meetings will enjoy theme-based tastings of various Italian regional specialities.

Admission is free, subject to availability. For reservations, please call the toll-free number 800.589.680.

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