3D TV promotions by the young artists, Hello, Savants! Script by Ilaria Bernardini.

San Donato Milanese (Milan), 13 February 2012 For the second year running, Eni will be sponsoring the Sanremo Festival, with an innovative storytellingformula featuring digital animations and 3D graphics.  Once again, the Italian pop singer Gianni Morandi, presenter of the five TV promotions, will accompany viewers of the song festival on a colourful, dynamic journey through real-life Eni stories, featuring men and women who, with a passion for challenges, continuous improvement and excellence, place the greatest importance on individuals, the environment and the relationship of trust with end stakeholders.

One of the topics addressed is the importance of being innovative and forward looking. tThe TV promotions will present the themes of cooperation and sharing with hosting communities, something which has always been a driver of Eni’s development, along with local growth. They also provide the opportunity to present the philosophy of  the six-legged dog, where "living the world" means creating the necessary conditions to promote dialogue: the home is pointless without a sense of family and community.  The TV promotions  are also an opportunity to present the solutions for the gas and electricity market (with "Eni Gas Light and the simplest solution") and fuel (with "Eni station. There is a world within").

The decision, made by Eni in collaboration with TBWA\Italia, to entrust the interpretation of the Festival TV promotions to Hello, Savants! and Ilaria Bernardini  forms part of a communication strategy launched two years ago and consolidated through a creative hotbed of over two hundred young artists from all the continents, representing the most diverse artistic disciplines.

Hello, Savants!  is a talented group of seven emerging artists with interdisciplinary and experimental skills in illustration, animation and 3D digitization, the members of the group were born in Italy and now reside in Holland. Rewarded for the courage displayed in exploring new avenues abroad in their early twenties, they have now returned, albeit virtually, to Italy, for the Eni TV promotions, with warm, positive colours and animations that are much more than a simple backdrop, forming a fusion of shapes and movement with the conductor. The communication method of Hello, Savants!  creates a universe around the words of Ilaria Bernardini. Thus, the TV promotions become stories, told with a new advertising language, combining the most advanced digital technology with the eternal charm of watercolours, and all with that special energy typical of youthful creativity.

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