The synergy between Eni and the Freeracing team will be represented by the symbol of the six-legged dog displayed on the bikes in the race.

Rome, October 5, 2013 – From October 13th through 19th, Eni will be the main sponsor of the Freeracing team at Rallye Maroc 2013, the last stage of the World Championship 2013 in Cross Country Rallies. This marks the start of a new and important collaboration that reaffirms and expands upon Eni’s commitment in the world of racing as a leading technological partner as well as an official supplier of fuel and lubricants.For Eni, participating in competitive rallies, which are testing grounds for the development of innovative technologies and formulas, is an opportunity to test the most advanced and reliable fuels and lubricants under extreme conditions, and thereby obtain useful information for their further development by maintaining company technicians on-site alongside the Freeracing team.

The synergy between Eni and the Freeracing team will be represented by the symbol of the six-legged dog displayed on the bikes in the race, the official truck, and the clothing of the riders and staff. 

The Champion of the Mondo Rally Raid of 2008, Oscar Polli, who has more than a hundred races under his belt, will be among the riders on the Freeracing team.


“Racing‘ fuel must meet specific requirements dictated by its use under conditions of extreme performance stress. For this reason, the anti-knock characteristics, the burning rate, and the evaporative properties – in a word, the “chemistry‘ of the gasoline – take on particular importance. The fuel that Eni provides to the Freeracing team has excellent cleaning properties, which translates into good cleaning of the fuel system, in addition to fewer deposits in the combustion chamber. A “cleaner‘ engine can provide better energy efficiency and improved performance consistency over time. These properties characterize the premium gasoline, RON 100, which is distributed to consumers at Eni gas stations under the brand name eni BluSuper+.

The lubricant, eni i-Ride (Offroad 10W-50), which has been developed for this specific use, builds on the know-how that Eni has accumulated in the past through its collaborations in the off-road and supermotard sectors with prestigious manufacturers. The distinctive feature of this special oil is a combination of properties that guarantee extreme reliability of all components (engine, clutch, transmission), further increasing the performance and efficiency of the entire system. The same passion for technology and performance is reflected in the entire line of lubricants for motorcycles, eni i-Ride, which are excellent products for both enthusiasts and consumers.

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