The Eni Research Centre for Renewable Energies and Environment has been promoted to the front page of Macromolecules, the reference scientific journal for the polymer chemistry community.
Macromolecules devotes the cover of its February 2015 issue to the study  "All That Glisters Is Not Gold": An Analysis of the Synthetic Complexity of Efficient Polymer Donors for Polymer Solar Cells by Riccardo Po, Gabriele Bianchi, Chiara Carbonera, and Andrea Pellegrino.

The researchers of Eni Research Centre for Renewable Energies and Environment discuss issues related to accessibility and cost of synthetic polymer semiconductors in organic solar cells.
The title "All That Glisters Is Not Gold " (Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice, Act II Scene VII), testify that a very efficient material is not necessarily the best solution for these devices, if its production is not also economic and easily scalable upwards; a subject often overlooked by most researchers in the field.

Less than a month after its online publication, the paper has reached the Top Five of the most read articles of the prestigious American Chemical Society’s scientific magazine - whose Impact factor reaches 5.9 - with over 900 downloads.
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