Eni is among the partners of the international tour of Wounded to death a theatre show by Serena Dandini on the issue of femicide.

The project, developed in partnership with Eni, is based on an anthology of stories about the violent deaths of women of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. Serena Dandini has dipped into news stories and journalistic investigations in order to give a voice to women who have been killed by their husbands, partners or lovers.

In collaboration with Maura Misiti, a researcher at the CNR, the journalist has written a short story for each of the women and developed a theatrical reading aimed at building an awareness, though the use of drama,  among Italian institutions and public opinion, about a phenomenon for which, despite uncertain data, in Italy alone, according to what little data we do have, is responsible for the death of one woman every two to three days.

Tour dates:

  • Washington, 19 November - Hall of the Americas in the headquarters of the OAS (Organization of American States)
  •  New York, 25 November -  the headquarters of the United Nations
  •  Brussels, 28 November -   Saint Michel Theatre
  • London,  3 December - Reuters and Thomson Foundation
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