We are delighted to announce the foreign debut of the highly popular History Lectures series – created and brought to the public by Laterza Publishers – previously held to great acclaim in Rome, Milan, Genoa and Trieste.   
The Invention of Italy is the title of the series of 12 lectures that Laterza will present in London, in conjunction with the Italian Cultural Institute and sponsored by Eni and Intesa San Paolo.




The lectures will be given at the Institute’s headquarters on 39 Belgrave Square, every second Friday at 18.30 from 25 October 2013 to 9 May 2014. Some of the finest historical minds from Italy and Britain will relate the history of Italy before and after Unification, retracing the steps that ultimately resulted in the Invention of Italy

How did the idea of Italy on which Unification depended evolve? And what image of the nation prevails today, both inside and outside of the country? With reference to food and art, politics and religion, heroes and villains, a group of eminent historians will give their own response to these questions.

The program

The 12 lectures will examine the formation of Italian national sentiment and a sense of shared history with foundation narratives ranging from the medieval communes and their struggle against Barbarossa with Alessandro Barbero, to developments in finance and commerce with Amedeo Feniello, the Renaissance arts with Sheila Hale, and the counter-reformation with Massimo Firpo.

These will be followed by a lecture on the Italian language in the work of Dante, Manzoni and Meneghello with Giulio Lepschy and on the origins of the mafia with John Dickie. Lucy Riall will discuss the legendary figure of Garibaldi in the time of the Risorgimento and Massimo Montanari Unification in the kitchen through the celebrated recipes of Pellegrino Artusi.

Emilio Gentile will describe Fascist Italy starting from the March on Rome while the political scenarios of the post-war era will be evoked by Christopher Duggan.

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