Eni is a partner of Cera Week 2012 held in Houston  from 5 to 9 March 2012.
Eni CEO, Paolo Scaroni, delivered a keynote address during Tuesday Luncheon on 6 March

The energy industry is facing increasingly big challenges in terms of the demand for energy due to the global economic crisis and the resulting uncertainties in global markets and the overall stability in the international system.

What are the prospects from these new developments and how are they changing expectations? What do they mean for the competitive scenario for energy? And how will traditional relations evolve between producers and consumers, and between companies, regulatory structures and society?

The focus is on providing answers to these questions involving over 300 experts from the sector.
From rising tensions in Iran and the impact of price rises on the economic recovery to the opening of the Arctic, competition between natural gas and electricity for transport and the impact of austerity on renewables– CERA Week 2012 offers an extensive and deep analysis of the future of energy.

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