Eni is a partner of the Festival della Letteratura di viaggio which runs from 26 to 29 September 2013 in Rome. Four days dedicated to accounts of the places and cultures of the world through different forms of travel writing: from writing on geography to photography, journalism, music and cartoons.

The experience of travel is a necessity for Eni. Now active in 90 countries, since its foundation in 1953 the company has always looked beyond Italy where its people go in search of energy. From this experience, sometimes in extreme conditions and always bearing in mind that a country is not just its natural resources but also its culture, Eni has drawn great benefits. Indeed, for Eni knowledge and cooperation are important and this is why its historical archive contains images and accounts of extraordinary place and experiences.

On 28 September at 4.00 pm, in the Gardens of Villa Celimontana, an opportunity to consider The journey of Italian industry in the world. From Patagonia to Iran, from the United States to Siberia, an account of the places and stories taken from the historical archives of Eni and Dalmine, with photographs, film clips, letters, diaries and travel reports.

Organised in collaboration with Eni and the Fondazione Dalmine, there will also be an encounter with journalist and writer Mario Pirani, Eni’s man in Tunisia and Algeria during the period of Enrico MatteiLucia Nardi, Eni’s head of cultural initiatives, Carolina Lussana from the Fondazione Dalmine and Giulio Latini, university professor and film maker.

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