A female 21st century.From the short century to the century of women. Gender responses to the future of humanity: is the theme of the 2011 edition of the annual International Study Days at the Centro Pio Manzù, which on this occasion is promoted by Eni. The event, which will be held from 21 to 23 October at the Teatro Novelli in Rimini will focus on the contemporary woman.
As the invitation states “Women provide elevated, farsighted and wise responses to the great challenges of humanity‘, and it is precisely on the skills of and the possibilities available to women that the challenge of the future will depend, regardless of the culture in any part of the world where it is possible to invest in the emancipation, training and education of women.
Eni has always been committed to enhancing the roe and position of women, their skills and professionalism and views diversity as a value. As a result the company has in the past adhered to numerous initiatives such as the “Manifesto for the responsible use of the female image‘ promoted by the association Pari o Dispare,  at the meeting “Women not stereotypes‘ held on 4 July in Milan, and during which  Eni presented a video showing how the company represents people and their different identities through a communication approach aimed at “generating culture‘, as well as through the enhancement of the skills of women.
The 2011 edition of the Giornate Internazionali will focus on contemporary female and male thought, with contributions from experts who will help to elaborate projects to reinforce thinking about gender.  In short, a culture of gender, not so much as an occasion for insisting on the man-woman  dualism, as a way of attributing value to difference, a search for synthesis and unity in diversity.

A feature of the event will be the five workshops: Friday 21 October, in the morning “From the mater familias to a theory of gender‘; Friday, in the afternoon “Women’s health, education, empowerment: scenarios for the new millennium‘; Saturday 22 in the morning “On violence against women: the culture and orthodoxies of contempt‘; Saturday, in the afternoon “Beyond the asymmetry of roles, from the rights to the duties of leadership‘; and finally, on Sunday 23 after the morning plenary session, in the afternoon, “The dichotomies of a gender-based society: careers, family, a new singularity‘.

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