As part of the initiatives of the Vittoriano, Eni is a partner for the exhibition Dalì un artista un genio   (Dalì an artist and genius) to be held at the Complesso del Vittoriano from 9 March until 1 July 2012. The artist will be presented in all his many and varying aspects; as a painter, drawer thinker, writer, a science enthusiast, a catalyser of avant-garde movements, illustrator, goldsmith, film maker and set designer.

The exhibition will also explore the anti-conformism of Salvador Dalì, his personal ability to perceive the increasingly growing importance of mass culture, analysing as an artist who experiments in a wide range of creative media, including the most innovative, such as installations and performance art. And, for the first time, light will be shed on a hitherto overlooked aspect in studies and exhibitions of the work of Dalì: the relationship between the Spanish artist and Italy. In fact, Italy will be a running theme throughout, the element that will link all of the works on show.

Italy will form the backdrop to the extra-mural activities of the artist and, through documents, photographs, drawings, letters, designs and objects, will follow Dalì's visits to Italy, in his rooms in the luxury hotels of Venice or among the "monsters" in the Bomarzo gardens, looking also at his artistic collaborations, such as that with Anna Magnani and Luchino Visconti, to give just two examples. There will be a focus on the inspiration provided by Dante and the artist's relationship with Italian production houses, such as for the famous aperitif "Rosso Antico" and the Alessi brand.

Visitors will be welcomed by a gallery of photographs. In fact, Dalì was immortalised by many of the leading photographers of his time. And these images will be seen in two lights; as art in themselves, and as a way of getting closer to the Spanish artist and Dalì the man.

In a chronological and thematic sequence, the exhibition analyses an artist who opened windows on the past and arrived to produce some of the most contemporary art, examples that show how his projections into the future are fundamental to an understanding of his work.

To give just one example, Dalí in the use that he made of himself and his own image, seems to prefigure many of the attitude of an icon such as Andy Warhol. At the same time, Dalí is one of the determining creators of the twentieth century, in the field of ideas as well as in that of images.

The exhibition therefore has a dual function and purpose: to analyse the period in which the great Spanish painter lived while pointing towards the future, starting from the painting and moving through a range of different, new and exciting languages.
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