Eni is a partner of the 2015 concert and didactic activities of the Cooperativa Emilia Romagna Concerti, a cooperative association for the organisation of music-based initiatives that has operated in the area since 2006 with the support of the Municipality of Ravenna.

During 2015, 30 concerts will be performed at schools of all types and levels with the aim of attracting the young to music, starting with lessons in which students learn to construct and play a simple musical instrument, before moving on to concert-lessons that explain the techniques of singing and the history of music right up to the composition of authentic concerts involving, at different times, the different families of instruments, such as strings, woodwind and brass.

Particular attention will be given to dates when the entire community gathers to celebrate in music:

  • the Women’s Day  concert on 8 March,
  • the Easter concert,
  • the Patron Saint’s Day concert,
  • the Christmas Concert conducted by Maestro Paolo Olmi with the Young Musicians Orchestra, made up of very young musicians from across Europe who will be joined by young musicians from Israel, Palestine, Kazakhstan and the United States
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