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  • Eni’s activities in Switzerland in the transportation of hydrocarbons (gas and oil)
  • Eni’s strategic position in the country in the refining sector through Eni Suisse
  • Eni offices and contacts in Switzerland
  • direct link to the site dedicated to Switzerland (in Italian, English, French and German)

Gas & Power

In the transport of hydrocarbons, in September 2011 Eni and Fluxys G signed a contract for the transfer of Eni’s shares to the companies that manage transport for the Transitgaspipeline. In particular, Enisold46% of its Transitgas AG shares to Fluxys G and 100% of Eni Gas Transport International (“Eni GTI”) shares. Transitgas AG and Eni GTI are the owners of the gas pipeline and the transport rightsforthe Swiss section of the pipeline that connects Belgium and The Netherlands to Italy. This operation was part of an agreement made with the European Commission on 29th September2010 and was put in force at the end of November 2011. Eni’s Ship-or-Pay contracts with Eni Gas Transport International and Eni Gas Transport Deutschland are still in force.In the petrol transport sector Eni owns the company Oléoduc du Rhone SA.

Refining & Marketing

Eni Suisse SA was founded in Lugano in 1959and currently has 71 employees. Its activities developed initially in the Ticino area and then spread progressively throughout Switzerland. The registered office has been in Lausanne since1962. The presence of Eni Suisse is of significant strategic importance for the country since it offers an alternative supply, thanks to the refineries in Northern Italy and Germany. Eni Suisse has importation structures in Basel and Geneva, the latter in particular being supplied by the Eni refineries in the Mediterranean by means of the SPRM and SAPPROgas pipelines, of which it is a shareholder. Besides this, Eni Suisse owns two storage depots in Stabio (TI) and Sennwald (SG), has also has a share in TAR (ZH). This integrated system of supplies and logistics has enabledEni Suisse to develop its own competitive sales channels. The strength of the network is due to its 275 service stations, 102 of which are directly owned. Atover 100service stations there are large shops, all of which are styled, illuminated and have the colours and range of products that reflect Eni and the Italian lifestyle. The market share is over 7%, but reaches around30% in the Ticino area. Eni Suisse has two cards “AgipPLUS” (for private customers) and “Multicard-Routex”, as a payment card. The wholesale activity supplies fuel, heating oil, bitumen and LPG with total sales of 380 ktonnes. Its location near the airports of Zurich and Geneva is of vital importance.

Offices and contacts

Refining & Marketing
Eni suisse S.A.
World Trade Center Losanna
Av. De Gratta Paille 1
1018 Losanna
Tel. (0041) 21 6443111
Fax (0041) 21 6443101

Eni Suisse S.A.
Sankt Gallen
Simon Frick-Strasse 26 St. Gallen 9466

Eni Suisse S.A.
Via San Margherita 23 Ticino 6855
Stabio (Ticino)
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