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  • Spotlight on a health emergency
  • Health infrastructure and theatre for the protection of maternal and infant health in Mozambique
  • Activities and sustainability

Spotlight on a health emergency

The initiative is part of the health project being run by the Eni Foundation in the District of Palma to improve access to emergency obstetric/neonatal services and general maternity and infant care. Eni and Eni Foundation have launched a theatre and health information project in the country called "Il teatro fa bene". A team of Italian actors and film makers and Italian and Mozambican writers, including Jacopo Fo, has prepared a road show in the Cabo Delgado area to spread good health-hygiene and food practices in an effective way among the population. The tour took place in 2016, with 6 performances in the main district centres and the participation of around 3,500 spectators. The web-series that gave an account of the entire theatre project has won numerous international awards and prizes.

Health infrastructure and theatre for the protection of maternal and infant health in Mozambique

The messages on health and nutrition featured in the show are consistent with guidelines adopted by the Mozambique Ministry of Health and promoted by Eni Foundation. At the Palma Health Centre, between 2013-2016, emergency services were established with the construction of an operating theatre and an antenatal home for pregnant women from remote areas at high obstetric risk. The District of Palma has also been equipped with radiological, ultrasound and laboratory equipment, as well as an off-road vehicle for collective use by mobile clinics. A series of infrastructure improvements have been completed, such as the restoration of the fresh water supply and the electricity generator and the rehabilitation of housing for health care staff, as well as support for on the job training through professional development courses for 174 health care staff throughout the district.

Activities and sustainability

In line with analyses carried out in the Pemba and Palma areas affected by industrial development projects, a number of initiatives are under way to improve the living conditions and well-being of local communities and promote fair and inclusive socio-economic development. With the agreement of the government of Mozambique, a commitment has been signed for the construction of a 75MW power station in the province of Cabo Delgado. A pre-feasibility study defining smart systems for rural electrification part powered by renewables was completed in 2015. The solution is suitable for remote areas and is aimed at providing power for infrastructure and basic services.


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