Our approach in the countries in which we operate has always been based on integration and cooperation. The projects we promote are aimed at community development and involve local players and drive the growth of society.

Participation and transparency: our projects for community development

Around the world, Eni promotes and implements projects to foster development, designed to meet the needs and expectations of local communities and to make a positive long-term impact. All such initiatives are conducted in collaboration with stakeholders and are planned and managed through a transparent and participatory process, including the monitoring and evaluation of results and effectiveness. Development projects for local communities have been carried out in the following countries:
  • Congo: Improvements to the living conditions of the communities of the Hinda district
  • Mozambique: Education, health and water in the Cabo Delgado province
  • Nigeria: Improvement of basic services for the communities of the Niger Delta
  • Ecuador: health and education in the Villano area

Our projects for community empowerment

The macro sectors of intervention in which Eni invests significantly concern the protection and promotion of health, often closely linked to access to basic health services, clean water and health hygiene and nutrition awareness, access to primary and secondary education and the socio-economic empowerment, with particular attention to the issues of the exploitation of women in society, access to power and resources.

Community investment
(€ million)201320142015
Interventions on the territory based on agreements, conventions and PSAs by type 57.570 67.406 73.680
- training/professional coaching 13.527 7.699 6.598
- environment 9.164  17.823 6.46
- culture 1.713 1.727 9.466
- training and education 5.384 5.057 4.407
- health (community health) 2.931 3.57 7.203
- infrastructure development 15.176 20.717 28.916
- socio-economic development 5.792 6.451 4.798
- relationships with communities 2.332 2.455 3.509
- access to energy 1.551 1.907 2.323

The overall spending in interventions for the territory deriving from agreements and conventions (Community Investment) in 2015 amounts to approximately 74 million euros, an increase over 2014, of which approximately 95% in the upstream activities sector. Investment in the African continent remains high with a total of 27.54 million euros, of which 78% in Sub-Saharan Africa (21.59 million euros).

2015 recorded an increase in eni’s commitment, mainly due to the restarting of activities in Libya in the sector of community health and infrastructures and in Kazakhstan for cultural initiatives linked to Expo 2017 in Astana based on the theme "Future energy". The change recorded in the environmental sector is due to the timing of contractual obligations with local institutions in Italy.

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