Eni operates in North America in the activities of trading through its US incorporated company Eni Trading & Shipping Inc. (ETS).

As part of ETS, the dedicated commodity trading arm of Eni and our unique interface to the market, Ets Inc is active in developing the following activities:

Domestic crude marketing and trading
The company purchases and trades the entire eni crude production in the Gulf of Mexico and in Alaska and has developed proprietary trading activities.
The main US domestic grades traded by the desk are the following ones: WTI, Poseidon, Mars, ANS, SLI, HLS.

International crude cargo marketing
Eni Trading & Shipping Inc is in charge of marketing and arbitrage of Eni’s production portfolio in the Americas, third party trading activity and supply for Eni’s European refining system from the Americas.
Main grades traded by the desk are: Oriente (Equador), Vasconia and Castilla (Colombia), Kirkuk and Basrah (Iraq).

Trading of refined products and components in the NY Harbor and US Gulf Coast markets
Main products traded include most US gasoline specifications, gasoline components (LPG, Nafta, Alchilata), distillates (gasoil, diesel)

NY Harbor storage infrastructure to blend gasoline components is used by ETS Inc, meeting market needs and specifications.
All these trading activities are complimented with a professional and comprehensive middle and back office covering all accounting, financial, planning & control, risk and credit activities.

Last updated on 24/10/13