Being sustainable for Eni means managing risks and mitigating the impacts of its operating activities while creating value in the long term for its stakeholders.

Eni's history, corporate culture and operating way are competitive levers to gain an international size over time, founded on a consolidated presence in different countries around the world. Cooperation, integration, innovation, excellence, inclusion of people and responsibility drive Eni's work in the continuous interaction with all the stakeholders in a clear and strict governance framework. Well combined key elements of the business model lead to wise investment choises, prevention of or mitigation of risks and the achievement of strategic obejctives in the short, medium and long term.

  • Cooperation in the development of the territories where Eni works, expresses the ability to understand local needs and the willingness to contribute to their fulfilment. Eni is committed to provide concrete response to problems and needs of the countries where it operates, in synergy with the development strategies of these countries and with reference to the Millennium Goals.
    The model of cooperation with producing countries, or rather the will to invest with a long-term prospective and the flexibility of offering solutions to the requirements of the countries, has been an integral part of corporate strategy from the very beginning. This is now transforming into ever greater integration among the company development projects and the development of growth opportunities in the territories where Eni is hosted. Eni has been able to integrate in its business the development of local energy systems, seizing new opportunities and creating a basis for development in the host countries where energy poverty is a crucial problem.

  • Integration of all activities along the energy supply chain is a source of crucial synergies for facing market challenges and ensuring competitive advantages. The integrated approach enables greater flexibility in managing relation with producing countries, to whom Eni proposes solutions that each and every time are adapted to the specific requirements for technology, infrastructure and economic growth of the local society.

  • Innovation is the key element for accessing new energy resources, improving recovery from the subsoil and the efficiency of its use, ensuring respect and responsible use of natural resources. Eni’s commitment to technological research not only targets the development and application of innovative technologies and processes for an advanced recovery of hydrocarbons but also enhancing renewable energy and developing innovative methods of environmental conservation. Thanks to technological innovation Eni offers competitive solutions and is recognised as a reliable partner in the countries where it operates.

  • Excellence in running the operations, hinges on making use of best practices, quality systems, advanced technology and safety systems to ensure full respect for the community and the environment. Environmental responsibility is core to acting sustainably, especially when considering the environmental impact of the activities on the health and wellbeing of the communities who live in the territories. Examples of current projects taken forward by Eni regard the reduction in polluting emissions and greenhouse gases (through energy efficiency initiatives and flaring down projects), the decrease in fresh water use, the assessments on safeguarding the ecosystems and biodiversity.

Inclusion of people
  • Inclusion of all Eni people with their broadly expressed diversity, combines with health and safety protection in the workplace, as well as their personal development and involvement in the Company’s goals. Thanks to the competence of its people and their diversity, which Eni enhances inside its corporate structure, as well as to its ability to integrate with different local contexts, Eni guarantees a distinctive portfolio of products and services that allows it to gain significant advantages in terms of competitiveness.

  • Responsibility in terms of commitment to transparency in the business management, in the fight against corruption, and in the respect for human rights in every sphere of our work, is requisite for effective contribution toward the development of countries and societies. Eni promotes the respect of human rights and the fight against corruption in all the activities under its direct control and, more broadly speaking, also in the supply chain and in the relations with all the stakeholders.


Eni is included in the most prestigious sustainability indexes in the world. In 2014, the company has entered the Dow Jones Sustainability World index for the eighth consecutive year.
Eni has also been confirmed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Europe for the seventh consecutive year. The DJSI Europe number 6 company in the oil & gas sector out of an eligible 19.
Eni has been confirmed in the FTSE4Good sustainability index in the half-yearly review in September 2014.
Eni has obtained a distinguished 92 B score, one of the best in evaluation among peer companies, in the Carbon Performance Evaluation 2013 thanks to its demonstrating clear strategies regarding climate change and reducing emissions on the basis of their answers to the Carbon Disclosure Project questionnaire (CDP2013).

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Last updated on 21/07/15