Innovation and Efficiency

Innovation and Efficiency

Eni places scientific research and technological innovation at the core of its sustainable growth strategies.

Energy is a source of life and it permeates every aspect of our daily activities, but technology is what allows the production and transportation of primary energy sources and their conversion into electricity, mechanical energy, heat and manufacturing activities of all kinds, and these factors have always formed the basis of economic and social development.

For Eni technological innovation is a crucial element to enable the access to new energy resources, improve their recovery and use efficiency, while reducing the impact on the environment.

To achieve true technological breakthroughs the main keys are the interaction between internal and external research and cross fertilization among different scientific disciplines.

There is never only one way ahead. And we never know, beforehand, which is the best. We can be helped by intuition, which is something between imagination and experience. But then it takes courage, that courage that Eni has in facing and travelling new roads every day. Because we know that each point of arrival is just a starting point.

Paying careful attention to the environment, the safety of people, the operational efficiency, and leading the technological frontier are therefore key points that will continue to guide our activities and to provide that we play a distinctive role in the energy landscape of the future.

We have to use the energy that we have well. Only in this way can we be sure to get the results we want over time. Resources - financial, energy and human – need to work together. In a word that is used a lot, this is called efficiency. At Eni we prefer to call it realization. Because it is a word in movement.

Last updated on 03/03/14