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A bay caressed by the wind

Liverpool Bay, Wales: the Point of Ayr Land Management Programme.

Liverpool Bay is located in Wales, a region that has welcomed us from the beginning given its similarity with our six-legged dog and the dragon in the country’s flag. Two strong and determined creatures that symbolise energy, strength and courage. While largely sharing its political and social history with the rest of the United Kingdom, Wales has maintained a distinct cultural identity and is officially bilingual: over 560,000 people speak and write in Welsh, an ancient Celtic language. Collaboration with Eni has brought to the region a number of projects, in line with Eni’s operating model based on respect for the territory and with a view to creating value for all the stakeholders involved.

Eni has operated in the United Kingdom since 1964, with stakes in 5 production areas. Exploration activities began in Liverpool Bay in 1989 and oil and gas fields were discovered between 1990 and 1992. Production of first gas in the Hamilton North field started in 1995 and, in 1996, production of first oil in the Douglas and Lennox fields. In 2014 Eni reached a 100% stake in the assets of Liverpool Bay, becoming the leading operator.

History: activities and sustainability


  • Point of Ayr Land Management Programme

    Point of Ayr Land Management Programme

    Eni manages 450 acres of land around Point of Ayr (dunes, farms and salt pans), in the area around Talacre, in Flintshire, in full respect of natural resources. The site is on the list of special and specific British sites. The programme was launched in 1995 as part of the original plan for the construction of the Point of Ayr Gas Terminal in North Wales and is widely seen as having made a positive contribution to preserving and improving the natural environmental of the area.



  • Community involvement

    Community involvement

    The County of Flintshire has been involved in a long-term project to increase the economic viability of the Talacre and Gronant area, working closely with landowners and local businesses to solve the problem of the lack of parking and traffic congestion around Talacre.



  • Safety and environment in the bay

    Safety and environment in the bay

    Eni ensures the enhancement of the site also thanks to collaboration with organisations, environmental regulators, academic institutions and conservation groups. We have collected an enormous quantity of ecological data that has facilitated a mapping of the ecosystems and biodiversity of the area.



The video includes images that bear witness to the perfect integration between Eni’s activities in the area and the countryside surrounding Liverpool Bay and between the people who work at the plants and the communities who live in Talacre.


Irène Némirovsky

You can’t be unhappy when you have this: the smell of the sea, the sand beneath your fingers, the air, the wind.

Irène Némirovsky

Irène Némirovsky