We focus on working in synergy.

The importance of local contractors

Deliberate use of local contractors in the companies’ activities has led to technology transfer, significant achievement in local fabrication and construction, and other operational activities. In-country production achieved thereby include:

  • Single Phase Skid Mounted Modularized Separator 50,000 BPD (2003, by Dorman Long Nigeria Ltd).
  • Low Pressure Production Separator for Oshie Field Development Project -Diameter of Vessel: 2150mm, length of vessel: 9280mm; (2009, by Dorman Long Nigeria Ltd).
  • Flare Knock-Out Drums for OB/OB Trains 4 & 5 - Diameter: 4,000mm, Length 24,475mm; (2009, by Dorman Long Nigeria Ltd).
  • Idu Flowstation Revamping Separators (by Dorman Long Nigeria Ltd).
  • Fabrication of Pressure Vessels for Ogbainbiri Flowstation Upgrade.
  • Single Point Mooring (SPM) manufactured in Nigeria by Nigerdock for Crude Oil On/Off Loading at Brass oil Terminal.
  • Fabrication of Line pipes in Abuja by SCC for Ogbainbiri – Kolo Creek Pipeline.
  • HDD on Niger River (2012). Longest job of this type ever performed in Nigeria at that time. 
  • Fabrication of Subsea Pipeline End Manifold (2015) by Union Energy for Abo Phase 3 Project
  • Construction of the premier locally fabricated platform jackets in Nigeria for Agbara and Okpoho offshore oilfields which contributed to the growth of fabrication supply chain as well as transfer of technology.