Pannelli solari e pale eoliche

Our integrated operations

We operate in 69 countries. Our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality and promote access to energy resources in an efficient and sustainable way for all.

We work at every stage of the value chain

We are a high-tech global energy company that operates right along the value chain, from the exploration, development and extraction of natural gas and oil to the generation of electricity from cogeneration and renewable sources, including traditional and bio-based refining and chemicals, through to the development of circular economy processes. Our activities extend to the end markets where we sell gas, electricity and products to local markets and retail and business customers, to whom we also provide energy efficiency and sustainable mobility services. To absorb our residual emissions we will also implement both CO₂ capture and storage and Natural Climate Solutions initiatives.

We apply the valuable skills of our people and the proprietary technologies developed at our Research Centres in all of the fields in which we operate, while the geographical distribution of our assets allows us to be present in all areas where value is generated.


The three pillars of our approach

The three pillars of our approach

To address the complex challenges posed by the energy transition and support the goal of Net Zero by 2050, we have identified three key elements:

  • proprietary and breakthrough technologies
  • new business models
  • alliances with stakeholders

Technological innovation is the focal point of our strategy, enabling us to improve the efficiency of our operations and support the evolution of our company. By setting up specific business entities focused on customers and with access to diversified markets, we can accelerated our investments in crucial sectors, such as renewables and sustainable mobility. In the area of mobility, we have decided to combine our bio-refining business and the marketing of increasingly decarbonized products and services into a single entity. The goal is twofold: to increase our bio-refining capacity to 2 million tonnes per year (Mtpa) by 2025 and up to 6 Mtpa by 2030, and to transform our 5,000 petrol stations into “mobility points” at the service of customers.

Thanks to our dialogue with our stakeholders, including business partners, institutions, customers, communities, citizens and, of course, our people, we are able to develop synergies, solutions and new regulatory frameworks.

Digitalisation supports us in our transformation process and allows us to integrate internal processes and business activities and improve their efficiency.

In order to increase structural innovation opportunities, we cultivate a network of partnerships with universities, start-ups, venture capital initiatives and public and private institutions, creating a virtuous ecosystem geared to Open Innovation.

Energy for a growing world

The energy sector is faced with the major challenge of balancing two fundamental needs: the promotion of universal access to energy for a world that is growing both demographically and economically, and tackling climate change by accelerating the transition to a more sustainable energy mix. In this context, Eni’s goal is to achieve carbon neutrality, i.e. net zero emissions, by 2050, in accordance with the indications of the Paris Agreement designed to keep global warming within the 1.5°C threshold at the end of the century. The path is divided into intermediate stages:

our strategic plan is to achieve a 35% reduction in absolute emissions by 2030 and an 80% reduction by 2040, bringing forward by five years Eni's net zero emissions scope 1+2 target to 2035.

By focusing on our customers, we aim to offer increasingly decarbonized products and services by 2050 in order to reduce scope 3 emissions. And in order to drive growth and development in our host countries, since 2019 we have incorporated the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in  our mission, making specific commitments in each area.

Peers considered are the following: TotalEnergies, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Equinor, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Apache, Marathon Oil and Occidental Petroleum.