Maker Faire Rome 2021 relaunches from Rome’s Gazometro

Eni is Main Partner of the Maker Faire innovation event in Rome, 8-10 October.

04 October 2021
4 min read
04 October 2021
4 min read

Innovation for an increasingly sustainable future

Fast Forward | The Future In The Making’ was the title of the ninth Maker Faire Rome - The European Edition, which took place 8-10 October 2021 at Eni’s premises in the former Gazometro in Rome Ostiense. Eni was Main Partner of the event. This year’s event for makers and innovators marked a fresh start, as the first to be held in phygital mode – accessible both online and in person – by registering for free on the website. Eni 2050. Road through Innovation was the title of our ‘diffused’ installation in which we told of the past, present and future of a place that will become a hub for new energies and innovation, setting it in the context of the journey and the technologies that will enable us to achieve carbon neutrality in all our products and processes by 2050.

The energy transition is also a technology transition

Technological innovation and the circular economy, together with skills, are the strategic levers that will allow Eni to achieve its decarbonization targets. The ongoing sharing process between research and development and the various company areas has shown the fundamental role that technologies play in this strategy and their use within it. To offer our customers a complete mix of zero-emission solutions, we will need to develop increasingly efficient processes together with new sources and new energy vectors.

The Gazometro: Home of Innovation

For innovation to happen, it needs places that can catalyse it and transform it into real business initiatives, such as the former Gazometro area in Rome's Ostiense district, where Eni is recovering the industrial structure and carrying out reclamation work. Now we have decided to transform this iconic space into a major Italian innovation district. It already hosts Joule, Eni’s Business School and ZERO, the clean-tech accelerator of the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) national network, where we work with CDP Venture, Lventure, ELIS, Acea, Maire Tecnimont and Microsoft to promote business initiatives on the energy transition, decarbonization and the circular economy. Ten of Italy's best start-ups have already begun their acceleration and launch here, such as WindCity, which features in our installation at this year's Maker Faire. The aim is to launch around thirty businesses in the next three years. Against this architectural backdrop, Eni aims to create a true ‘Home of Innovation’ where it will be able to develop and test new solutions in the energy field together with other companies, start-ups, universities and research centres. The area’s industrial identity, which in the past already made it the engine of a new modernity, is readying itself to become a hub for new energies and a crossroads for innovation.

Eni-2050. Road through Innovation: the installation

The location chosen for this year’s Maker Faire – The European Edition is highly symbolic. In the early twentieth century, it was right here where industrial Rome started extracting gas from coal to power industry and the city; now the same place will serve as a launchpad for technological innovation projects that will help achieve the goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030. During the fair, a ‘diffuse installation’ of four stands described the area as the ‘Home of Innovation’. The first stand – History – told the story of the Gazometro at the turn of the industrial and post-industrial era, also drawing inspiration from the cinema, which often chose it as a backdrop, a counterpoint to classical Rome. The second – the Future hub – showed the redevelopment of the area, integrating this project into Eni's broader strategy through a mix of classical and contemporary visual languages. The third stand – Strategy – covered Eni's most advanced technologies and features some episodes of the series The Yellow Sofa, looking at the energy transition as a technological transformation. The fourth stand – Modification – shone a light on the ‘present’ of the area, and describes Joule, Eni's Business School, which has chosen it as its headquarters. A final stand located in the ‘Parco Stella’ presented a summary of the four installations.