Maker Faire Rome 2023

Maker Faire Rome 2023

Maker Faire Rome 2023

Maker Faire Rome 2023

Maker Faire Rome 2023

At Maker Faire Rome, technology is the energy of change

For the tenth consecutive year, Eni is Main Partner of Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition (MFR), a major international event dedicated to technological innovation. The event is being renewed this year, choosing the Fiera di Roma as a location, to host the new features that will mark the days from 20 to 22 October.

In this edition, Maker Faire Rome offers a broad overview to explore the main areas of innovation, from the circular economy to the latest news related to the metaverse and augmented reality. To enrich the 2023 offer, the presence of an Ed Tech area, entirely dedicated to laboratory and educational proposals. By participating in the event, we will tell how our technologies can make an important contribution to the energy transition.

“Forms of energy” is Eni’s space for looking at energy in a new way

At Maker Faire 2023 we are presenting our exhibition space called “Forms of Energy”. It contains five different exhibition areas, each highlighting current and future energy scenarios. Through interactive installations, we aim to present our vision of energy that focuses on the energy transition according to the principle of technology neutrality.

Interconnected with the others for a unique visitor experience, each of the areas explores a concrete proposal of our decarbonization process, through hands-on and engaging activities designed for the young but not only. Our aim is to reveal the basic principles of “energy forms”: these include existing energy solutions, the innovations we are currently experimenting and the future potential we are creating by reimagining the energy landscape.

In Plenitude's installation, visitors can feel the power of the wind as it is harnessed to provide precious renewable energy while Versalis' demonstrates the tangible benefits of plastic recycling. In Enilive's installation, visitors can learn about the process for the production of biofuel, for example HVO, starting from vegetable oils or by-products, and take a look inside a fully electric vintage Enjoy car.

In the future energy section, they will gain insights into the principles of Magnetic Confinement Fusion and the technological hurdles that need to be overcome to make it a reality. Finally, in the Research and Development section, visitors can embark on a virtual journey through the metaverse of Eni's laboratories and centres of excellence, where every form of energy, both old and new, has been analysed. This offers insights into how the path to decarbonization is a fluid and constantly evolving process.

At the centre of the exhibition space, a compelling interactive experience will invite visitors to “change their perspective” and have a pleasurable bodily experience while interacting with the display and taking an active role in change.

By taking part in Maker Faire, Eni has decided to offer a narrative of its journey towards carbon neutrality. This is possible thanks to the commitment of each of Eni's companies and businesses, all devoted to serving people. It is a commitment based on tangible and complementary solutions, with a neutral approach to technology, which we call “To Zero Together”.

Eni's exhibition space will reflect a forward-looking strategy which starts with today, summarised in the idea of “energy as always and new energy”.

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Energy as always and new energy

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