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JUST, Eni suppliers as leaders of the energy transition

Eni's supply chain players unite to speed up the transformation. A challenge for the future of energy.

by Eni Staff
5 min read
by Eni Staff
5 min read

eniSpace is your space to collaborate with Eni

JUST was founded in the interactive eniSpace, Supplier Platform And Collaboration Environment, an open channel with suppliers to communicate business objectives and needs, to stimulate ideas and work together. This collaboration platform enables suppliers to share their experiences, stay up to date on business opportunities and Eni initiatives, and get involved in the innovation challenges launched on the Innovation Match channel. 

An industrial challenge with the supply chain at the centre

At Eni, we want to ensure a fair and sustainable energy transition, a transformation path that involves all aspects of the company's business and each of us, with no one left behind. We must speak the same language and look to the future in the same way, involving the entire supply chain with solid initiatives and an open dialogue on environmental, social and economic sustainability issues.

This is why JUST, "Join Us in a Sustainable Transition", was launched, an invitation from Eni to all its suppliers, current and future, to get involved and become leaders of change.

Sharing values and goals, collaborating and teaming up, improving strengths and developing areas for improvement are just some of the JUST initiatives to accelerate the energy transition.

As well as JUST, Eni is introducing several innovations in the different phases of the Procurement process. Examples? Strengthening sustainability criteria in qualification and partner selection assessments, monitoring the sustainable growth of suppliers through shared development plansreward mechanisms and "sustainability bonus" tenders. 

SDGs, a starting point

The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have inspired our mission and are reflected in our business model, which is based on the three pillars of operational excellence, long-term carbon neutrality and local development alliances. The fair and sustainable transition, which is the driving force behind our strategy and based on the principles of the SDGs, must bring together the best experience and skills, combining them with the most innovative entrepreneurial skills.

Based on these principles, JUST is an invitation to all current and potential suppliers who want to be leaders with us of the energy industry transformation process, in Italy and across the world. How? Through communication, innovation, sharing best practices that are impacted by environmental protection logic, economic development and social growth at all stages of the relationship.

“We are searching for new markets and experience, but we also want to deepen the sustainability knowledge of those who already work with us, getting to know these companies better and improving their strengths in the area of sustainability.” said Costantino Chessa, Eni's Head of Procurement. “The goal is to share the most innovative projects, success stories, skills, technological solutions and initiatives aimed at protecting the environment.”

JUST invites the suppliers we work with now and those of the future to identify as participants in a fair and sustainable energy transition, which will protect our environment, reduce emissions, promote growth and adopt circular economy models.

Costantino Chessa, Head of Procurement at Eni

An ever open dialogue to create sustainable value together

An increasingly sustainable supply chain is also possible through tools that help with monitoring and comparison, sharing opinions and analysis.

The "Sustainable Transition and Supply Chain" Observatory is closely linked to the JUST programme and with it practices already implemented in terms of sustainability and innovation can be identified and training, guidance and development actions defined, to allow us to grow together in this path.

All suppliers are surveyed and this allows an assessment of how SDGs are received and valued in the production chains, analysing behaviours and trends. At the same time as increasing awareness of the importance of sustainability and the innovative content of its processes, it also provides a snapshot of the evolution of different market segments.

The first survey covers environmental, social and economic management matters. From reducing waste to protecting biodiversity, from the well-being of employees to their capacity for innovation.

Agorà is another part of the JUST programme. This virtual meeting place was created to promote dialogue, share virtuous practices and reflect on important collaboration issues for Eni and suppliers. A space open to everyone, where you can find stories and ideas to replicate, share and compare best practices and seize opportunities for common development.


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