Open-es: the digital platform for sustainable industrial supply chains

An Eni, Boston Consulting Group and Google Cloud initiative for sustainable development and industrial ecosystem collaboration.

by Eni Staff
5 min read
by Eni Staff
5 min read

A new dialogue space for ethical companies

Open-es is a digital platform for sharing data on the sustainability of production chains, established through the partnership between Eni, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Google Cloud. It is an innovative, inclusive and open tool for all companies engaged in the energy transition process, which intend to grow and improve their economic performance by following sustainability principles.  

The energy transition is a path of continuous transformation where collaboration between companies along production chains plays a key role. By accessing, a company, whether an SME or large industrial player, becomes part of a real community promoting the development of collaborative and non-competitive processes to build a future based on 4 key pillars, the Planet, People, Economic Prosperity and the Principles of Corporate Governance. These form the basis of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) “Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics”, defined by the World Economic Forum and the International Business Council (IBC).

On going live, Open-es had around 1,000 member companies and other 'sector-leading' companies from major industries are now joining the community, involving their suppliers and supply chains.


Press release | Open-es, the digital platform for the development of sustainable industrial supply chains, goes live



Sharing data for sustainable economic growth

Corporate sustainability performance information can be shared easily and flexibly on the new platform. Open-es aims to become a solid tool for sustainable procurement, in the same way as JUST, Eni's internal initiative aimed at its suppliers, and a real benchmark capable of influencing leading companies in industrial sectors other than energy.

Open-es will enable community participants to do the following:

  • gauge their own sustainability performance and compare themselves with industry benchmarks through a guided tour
  • gain an awareness of their strengths and areas for improvement where the various ESG aspects are concerned in order to build a development pathway, suggestions and solutions that will help them close gaps and build on their strengths
  • involve their suppliers by inviting them to join Open-es, thereby improving sustainable procurement processes and accessing statistics, detailed analyses and tools for collaborating with the supply chain
  • access a collaboration area where they can share experiences, give visibility to their best practices in terms of environmental, social and economic sustainability and ask for and offer support

Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics in our values

Open-es embraces the standards and indicators of the “Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics” initiative, with which the World Economic Forum and the International Business Council (IBC) have defined a set of environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics to measure long-term corporate value creation for all stakeholders.

In January 2021, at the World Economic Forum in Geneva, the leaders of 61 global companies, including Eni, signed an agreement for a sustainable energy future, pledging to:

  • tailor their reporting to investors and other stakeholders (such as annual report, sustainability report and delegated statements) to core metrics, presenting the most relevant information for the business or briefly explaining the rationale behind a particular approach
  • lend public support to this tool and encouraging business partners to do likewise
  • further promote convergence of the existing ESG standards and principles towards the common metrics, so as to facilitate progression towards a globally accepted solution for non-financial reporting

The metrics, derived from existing disclosures and standards, offer a core set of twenty-one common and comparable indicators focused on People, the Planet, Prosperity and Principles of Governance, aspects that are considered central to business, society and the Planet, and which companies can report on regardless of their sector or region.

As a leading company in the energy transition process, we have decided to create new value from our industrial experience and the pathway to sustainable development that we have been on for some time, by making our know-how available to the entire energy supply chain and other industry sectors to promote the development of a virtuous ecosystem.

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