Eni's transformation since 2014

Growing while decarbonizing

A distinctive approach in support of decarbonized energy demand

We have built a new Eni based on an innovative and distinctive approach.

We believe that the energy transition is first and foremost driven by a technological transformation and for this reason technology, and specifically proprietary technology, is at the foundation of our strategy.

Technology underpins the development of new businesses and financing models required to grow our innovation portfolio and to balance the allocation of resources effectively in order to accelerate the energy transition.

To this end, we are creating dedicated entities with specific business models, focused on their customers and the capability to access new capital.

Through the valorization of these entities, we can access new resources, ensuring their efficiency and strengthening our balance sheet. Furthermore, by progressively scaling-up our businesses, we are able to generate competitive returns for shareholders.

In this context, the partnership with our stakeholders is a necessary condition to effectively deploy the new models and the new technologies, removing barriers to change and involving everyone in the transformation of the energy system.

The following infographic summarizes the main business and financial KPIs.