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Eni's transformation since 2014

A stronger business model to complete the evolution to an integrated energy company.

More efficient and integrated thanks to our technologies

We have built a new Eni based on efficiency, integration and the deployment of new technologies, developed at our Research Centres. The following infographic summarizes the main results obtained for each target and the strategies for achieving them.

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How the change began

Eni's transformation began in 2014 when we chose to do even better than we already knew how to, so that we could continue to grow against a backdrop of more volatile prices. Efficiency, integration and speed have always been our guiding values.

By investing in technology and skills, we have achieved one of the fastest times to market and one of the lowest break-even points on the market. Thanks to new exploration and development contracts, we have expanded our range and increased our refining capacity.

Decarbonization, sustainability and the circular economy have become integral parts of our business.