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Our work in Algeria

Oil and gas are the engine of the economy in Algeria, where we have been present since 1981 and where today operate in the Exploration & Production sector.


Energy from gas in the desert

Exploration and development activity is focused in the Bir Rebaa desert, located in the central-eastern part of the country, in blocks 403a/d (Eni 65%-100%), North ROM (Eni 35%), 401a/402a (Eni 55%), 403 (Eni 50%), 405b (Eni 75%) and 212 (Eni 22.38%). In the North Berkine basin, Eni's activities are concentrated in the Sif Fatima II, Zemlet El Arbi and Ourhoud II blocks, where we are 49% operators. We also hold 12.25% in the non-operated blocks 404 and 208. Our Algerian exploration and production operations are regulated by Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) concession contracts. In July 2018 Eni and Sonatrach agreed the extension of block 403, the agreement also includes the construction of a pipeline to connect BRN's assets with MLE with the aim of creating a gas hub. In the Sif Fatima II, Zemlet El Arbi and Ourhoud II concessions in the North Berkine Basin, the accelerated development of the estimated 75 million boe of reserves owned by Eni and an exploration campaign are underway. The oil wells were started up in May 2019. The production of gas fields will start at the same time as the start of the BRN-MLE pipeline. In December 2018, the consortium formed by Sonatrach, Eni and Total was granted two exploration permits to carry out seismic acquisition activities in the Algerian offshore sector. We are operators of the permit to the east called Skikda where in the spring of 2019 we acquired about 2,000 km2 of 3D seismic and 200 km2 of 2D seismic.

In March 2020 we completed the construction of the gas pipeline connecting Bir Rebaa Nord (BRN) and Menzel Ledjmet Est (MLE) fields in the Berkine Basin, in the south-eastern part of Algeria. The project will allow for the export of the associated gas produced in Block 403 (BRN and BRSW) and the development of the gas fields of the blocks of North Berkine.

We create energy

In Algeria we have built a photovoltaic plant in Bir Rebaa North and we will strengthen our presence in the Algerian desert with the development of the Upstream project in Berkine.

The energy of the sun to reduce greenhouse gases

The Bir Rebaa North (BRN) photovoltaic plant will supply electricity to the field's production facilities and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. To strengthen our partnership in the renewable energy sector, we will also set up a research laboratory with Sonatrach to test solar technologies in a desert environment and set up a joint venture to create and operate solar power plants at Sonatrach's production sites in the country.

Discover Bir Rebaa North
Discover Bir Rebaa North

Exploring Algeria

The growth in renewables in the last few years in Algeria is in a sense surprising.

Algeria will keep growing as a strategic country in the fight against climate change, as will Africa as a whole.