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Eni Foundation to support hospitals in southern Algeria

Two mobile health clinics delivered to service remote regions in the south of the country.



Algiers (Algeria), 8 March 2024 - Eni Foundation – Eni’s organization dedicated to health and education initiatives – is spearheading a project to support health facilities in remote areas in the Haut-Plateau region and southern region of Algeria. In a ceremony held in Algiers, Eni Foundation delivered two mobile clinics. The handover took place in the presence of the Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria Abdehak Sayhi, the Health Advisor to the President of the Republic Kamel Sanhadji, the Managing Director of Eni Algeria Giorgio Vicini and the President of Eni Foundation Domenico Giani.


Eni Foundation, together with the Algerian Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, collaborate to strengthen health services in the remote areas of the country. The initiative is part of Eni's distinctive and comprehensive approach to the countries where it operates, and it will contribute to the improvement of local health conditions, including maternal and infant health, by introducing mobile clinics in support of existing facilities, training health personnel and setting up community outreach activities.


The two mobile clinics are suitable for providing numerous health services, such as pregnancy monitoring, prevention for at-risk maternity cases, breast cancer diagnosis, noncommunicable disease prevention and childhood vaccination. One mobile clinic consists of two operating areas and is hosted in a multipurpose truck, fully equipped to house different clinical areas. The clinic can be used as a multi-health access point for counselling, diagnosis, and first intervention. The other mobile clinic is able to offer comprehensive mammography screening services, with the ability to perform complete diagnostic imaging services. The facility is designed to achieve considerable operational autonomy and be ready for use during both the relocation and operational phases. Both vehicles guarantee an operational autonomy of at least three days.


Eni Foundation, which currently operates in 12 countries, is an operational corporate foundation with the aim of responding to the needs of civil society in the countries where Eni operates.


Eni has been present in Algeria since 1981. With an equity production of around 140,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day, Eni is the main international company in the country.

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